Types of Stone We Love

Posted on May 10, 2017

Cataldo Landscape & Masonry loves working with stones and other materials! There are so many options we use while designing and constructing stone walls and landscaping for homes in Newton, MA and elsewhere, and we love every one of them. Here are some of our favorites.


This stone is often collected from the surface of fields and used in its natural shape. It can often be found in the Northern US and Canada, especially in New England. There are varieties of fieldstone from different regions that come in various shapes, colors, and textures. We use New England fieldstone and Pennsylvania fieldstone the most.


Named after the deep-blue stone first found in New York state, this stone is extremely popular for its color variation. Bluestone is known for its strength and durability, which makes it ideal for many building and hardscape projects. Bluestone is often cut into nicely shaped slabs, so it’s great for patios, walkways, and toppers for stone walls.


You might recognize this stone from older homes and streets. Cobblestone is a natural building material made of cobble-sized stones. Cobblestone is a great material for stone walls, especially where color variation and a historic feel are desired.


Brick can be created from a variety of materials and have a number of classes and types. Brick has many beneficial characteristics for hardscape use including durability, strength, slip resistance, color integrity, and more. Cataldo Landscape & Masonry uses brick all the time for walkways and patios. One of the things that we love about working with brick for a patio or walkway is the array of options for laying the brick. Beautiful, intricate, or classic designs can be made with the pattern in which the bricks themselves are laid.


Pavers come in a variety of styles and materials and are commonly used for patios and walls. Often made of a concrete combination, pavers can be laid in different patterns and can be made into different colors, shapes, and sizes. Pavers allow for drainage, has slip resistance, and can be laid relatively easy.

No matter what you choose, your home will look beautiful as soon as the installation is completed. Jerry and the Cataldo team would love to talk with you about the types of stone you can use for your next hardscape project and design a look that will wow you every time you step outside. With more questions, please call us today at (781) 304-8900.