Tips to Get That Lawn Looking Green

Posted on May 16, 2012

Every homeowner would love to have that perfect green grass that everyone in the neighborhood envies.  Each season we battle the elements to score that perfect lawn and for some it just never happens.  As landscape experts, we know how to give you that lawn you have been dreaming of.  No other Massachusetts Landscapers can get the job done like we can—at least not at the same amazing prices!

If you are looking for some tips to get that lawn green this year try these:

1) Watering- Keeping your grass green requires the perfect amount of water.  Too little will leave your grass looking brown and too much will just flood it out.  It has been proven that slow watering rather than soaking it down all at once is better in maintaining a healthy lawn.

2) Fertilizing- Water isn’t the only thing you need to keep your grass looking green.  The correct fertilizer will provide the necessary nutrients to keep your grass looking healthy and growing through the whole season.  Just like with watering, applying the appropriate amount of fertilizer is important—too much will kill the grass and too little just won’t help.

3) Weeding- Diseases are to humans as weeds are to lawns.  Removing weeds will help your lawn grown green and strong throughout the year.

4) Timing- As important as it is to do things in the right amounts, it is just as important to do them at the right times.  Seeding your lawn too early or too late will be detrimental to that perfect green lawn.  Spring seeding can bring weed and crabgrass if not accompanied by the proper fertilizer and care.

5) Maintaining- Keeping up with your lawn may be a daunting task, but it is the most important one.  You need to develop a lawn maintenance schedule to ensure the proper care of your precious green grass.