The Harmful Side of Rock Salt

Posted on February 27, 2015

Massachusetts landscaping from CataldoWhen it comes to the weather, we all have the same concern: snow removal. We all want it removed from our driveways and our walkways and we use rock salt to help increase the melting process. One problem that might not be on the minds of most people is the damage to the grass and soil in our yards. It’s hard to justify these thoughts because the grass is buried under foot after foot of snow, but any Massachusetts landscaping company can tell you that the excess rock salt does not melt with the snow and it is damaging your yard.

Every time is snows, the snow covering your driveway and walkways is shoveled or plowed by your Massachusetts landscaping company. The snow is likely piled up on the edge of your yard where it sits until it melts. Since New England has been getting hammered with snow storm after snow storm, it is pretty safe to assume that there is a decent amount of rock salt also sitting in that pile. When the snow melts the salt will settle in the soil and begin to absorb the moisture in the earth.

When the soil loses moisture, so does the surrounding grass, flowers, trees and other plants. In some cases, the salt can work its way into groundwater and taint waterways. Water run-off also presents this danger. Tainted water can affect freshwater plants and fish. Luckily, environmentally friendly alternatives are becoming more popular. For example, sand is safer for your landscape. It does not melt snow and ice as quickly as salt does, but it absorbs sunlight and reflects the beams so it will indeed melt. Sand also provides the same traction that salt provides. In some cases, kitty litter is a quick and safe alternative as well. Both of these options can be easily swept away when the snow melts and the land dries up.

Eco-friendly salt is also being developed and used instead of typical rock salt. One way you can reduce the risk to your yard is to use a minimal amount of salt on your driveway and walkways. Your Massachusetts landscaping company will thank you in the spring. When you are looking for a company you can trust, turn to Cataldo Landscaping Inc. We have been among the top landscaping companies in Massachusetts since 1978. We guarantee your satisfaction with our services. Give us a call at 781-304-8900 to see what we can do for you.