Refresh Your Small Business Landscaping in MA

Posted on June 30, 2015

Landscaping in MA from CataldoWhether you run a small business or own property on which small businesses operate, there’s no surer sign of a quality retail experience than quality landscaping in MA features. The reality of running a small business or retail location today is that customers have no shortage of ways to find competitors to flee to if they feel their shopping experience isn’t up to snuff. Making sure the landscaping around your business or property is clean, well kept, and pleasing to look at all contribute to making sure potential customers or clients don’t have any doubts walking in to your place of business.

A large part of creating a strong first impression of your location’s landscaping in MA is ensuring the landscape features on your property have the proper upkeep, that your hardscaping is not only safe, but appealing to newcomers as well.

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of achieving this is refreshing the mulch around your property’s landscaping features. As an organic, degradable feature, mulch breaks down over time and loses its color and effectiveness. Because mulch is pivotal at keeping weeds down around shrubs and garden beds, having it refreshed every year is important at keeping out nuisance plants and weed and improving the overall quality of your property.

Another easy way to break up unremarkable stretches of yard on your property is to plant low-maintenance ground cover plants. Not only will ground cover spread out over time at a reasonable rate, it helps reduce the need for expensive-to-maintain grass that you’d otherwise have to water and cut on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Finally, consider installing outdoor lighting on your business’s property. There are many options for outdoor lighting, including solar powered lighting that doesn’t require a hard connection to your property’s electrical system. Lighting also provides your clients, customers, and employees with improved visibility of pathways as the sunlight wanes. They can also provide beautiful accents to pre-existing landscaping features you want to highlight.

Maintaining and improving your business’s landscaping in MA doesn’t have to be a headache. Get in touch with our landscaping experts to find out how we can best serve your business.

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