Mulching Your Garden

Posted on October 23, 2012

Mulch provides many benefits for your garden. Some of these benefits are aesthetics, sustenance for your garden, and easier maintenance. Our Massachusetts landscaping professionals can mulch your garden for you providing you with a nice neat look while still giving your garden the benefits it needs.


Aesthetic Purposes


Let’s face it, the difference between a well mulched garden bed and a dirt bed is obvious. A well mulched bed, no matter what color or size the mulch is, looks good. A dirt bed can quickly and easily look bad. The mulches also help keep the beds look neat and tidy and Mulched flowerbedextra features can help with keeping the mulch within the bed to provide a nice and trimmed look.




Mulching doesn’t just help your garden look nice, it also helps your garden keep healthy. A common misconception is that mulch will prevent weeds, but there is some truth behind this.  Though weeds can punch through the mulch and get to the surface, the mulch does make it harder on them. When the soil is in an area away from other weeds, the weeds will have a harder time spreading and entering the area. Weaker weeds may give up if cut down enough times due to the mulch blocking the light. Mulch also helps retain moisture so you won’t have to water your plants as often. Finally mulch protects the surface from erosion so the soil won’t erode from watering or a heavy rain.




Mulch helps keep your garden healthy. Different mulches provide different health benefits. The main health benefit of most mulch is nitrogen and other natural nutrients. Decomposition does mean that over time mulch will need to be replaced, but it will release its nutrients into the soil providing a nice trade off. If you keep the mulch maintained you will get the greatest benefit out of your mulch and it will show in you garden.


For our professional Massachusetts landscaping services contact us. Besides mulching we provide many other benefits for your garden and your yard.