Installing a Brick Patio

Posted on July 2, 2015

Brick patio in Needham MA from CataldoMaking the decision to install a brick patio from Needham, MA is a great idea, not only because of the durability to the material, but also because of the longterm benefits of having a patio in general. While brick is a strong, weather resistant material, a patio enhances your yard and maximizes the functionality of the space you have. Cataldo Landscape Inc. can help you achieve this functionality by installing a brick patio from Needham, MA that meets a standard of quality that you can be proud to show off.

The first step to installing a patio is to level the ground to ensure that the patio is perfectly flat. If your yard is in need of significant leveling, we will bring in a back hoe to dig and level the ground. It is necessary to excavate eight to ten inches below grade so that a dense grave gravel can be laid down for support. On top of the gravel, we lay an inch of stone dust and compact it into the gravel. The final layer is that of the brick and it is expertly arranged by our professional crew. The brick can be laid in a simple or a complex pattern. The design is entirely up to you. Cataldo Landscape Inc. will work hard to meet your expectations.

The benefits that come from a patio are endless. Outdoor furniture becomes an option with a patio and social interactions are easier on a flat surface. A level area is ideal for barbecues and grilling. A flat surface that runs smoothly into your lawn is a better alternative to a deck because it does not reduce the amount of space in your yard and is instead a smooth continuation of it. Don’t wait to have Cataldo Landscape Inc. install your low maintenance brick patio from Needham, MA today. Give us a call at 1-781-304-8900 to request a quote or to schedule your patio installation.