How to Keep Your Patio Cool

Posted on July 18, 2018

As the summer chugs along, the heat in Massachusetts can become draining and you may find yourself hiding out in the air conditioning of the inside. But don’t let the heat stop you from enjoying your summer. The sun is out and the weather is perfect for a day outside on the patio or by the pool. This can be difficult with the sun heating up the ground much faster and the humidity taking its toll on your hair and your energy levels. Luckily, there are a few simple steps you can take to make sure your patios in Massachusetts is a fun and comfortable place to spend your summer days.


Keep the Stone Cool

There are several things you can do to keep the stone of your patios in Massachusetts cool. Naturally, the ground absorbs and retains heat more than the air. Keeping it cool to the touch can be as simple as pouring water across the surface routinely throughout the day. This can get a bit cumbersome and wasteful, so there are alternatives. One thing to do would be to choose the right kind of stone. Whether you’re partial to brick, bluestone, or granite, the lighter the color of your stone, the less heat it will retain. Even if you love the feel of the darker stones, you can always paint them a lighter color to keep the feel and avoid the heat.

Make Shade

Not to be confused with “throwing shade”, make sure your patio has a good amount of shade surrounding it. This can be done with awnings and umbrellas for a temporary fix. One of the perks of using an umbrella is that you can put it up and take it down at your leisure to ensure your personal comfort. For a more adventurous way of making shade, use the landscape. Plant trees and shrubs to create natural shade with no effort on your part. This is a creative alternative that enhances the beauty of the patio along with the comfort.

Creature Comforts

Once you find a way to keep the stone cool and get the perfect amount of shade, look at your creature comforts. Make sure you keep hydrated with nice glasses of ice water. This will help cool your body down. Make sure you have a fan nearby that you can turn on when you want. This helps keep the humidity at bay. You can also decorate your patios in Massachusetts with lighter colored furniture and cushions in materials that don’t retain heat.


Summer is a time of fun and sunshine. Don’t let your hot patio keep you from relaxing outside. All you have to do to make your patio a more enjoyable place to sit is keep the stone cool, make some shade, and have creature comforts nearby. For questions on landscaping and masonry in Massachusetts, contact Cataldo Landscaping & Masonry at 781-304-8900.