Cataldo Landscaping – Our Waterscape Fountains and Ponds Will Make Your Landscape Unforgettable

Posted on January 9, 2013


Is there a bland part of your landscape that bothers you? Are you looking to fill an empty or underutilized space? Absolutely nothing compliments a landscape more than the sublime appearance of a fountain or pond.

The relaxing sound of running water can add an audible aspect to your yard. Cascading waterfalls and running streams act as a muffling ambience to drown out the otherwise bothersome white noise associated with the surrounding Massachusetts area.

Cataldo Landscaping Waterscape

A fountain or pond can actually bring your landscape to life! Have you considered the possibility of having a peaceful coy pond right in your back yard? The possibilities of a Cataldo Landscaping basin are endless.

Our landscaping team is ready to work alongside you in shaping the oasis of your dreams. Waterscapes are a standalone improvement to the aesthetic value of your yard, home value, and your personal well-being.

Aesthetic Value: Fountains can be a wonderful centerpiece to a landscape when hosting or entertaining company. Our waterscapes are personalized to custom fit your landscape and yard. We tailor the angles and flow their structures in natural harmony with the environment, blending the waterscape seamlessly into your yard so that it operates like a natural body of water. We can turn that bland aspect of your landscape into a gorgeous oasis that fits organically into your Massachusetts yard.

Home Value: The addition of a beautiful waterscape, waterfall, or natural pool can immensely increase the value of your home and make it more appealing to potential buyers. Imagine the impression you will make on company and potential buyers when they see a point of unique tranquility embedded into the landscape. It could be the tipping factor between your home and the others they’ve seen!

Well-being: If there’s one thing we as landscapers want to save you, its stress. The serenity of a pond or waterscape in your backyard can pay large dividends to your stress management and well-being. Waterscapes and ponds are more than just another facet to your landscape; they’re places of escape from daily life and other triggers of stress. People from all over the world utilize waterscapes as places of reflection and meditation, why not bring one to your landscape in the eastern Massachusetts area?

If you would like to inquire about adding a Cataldo Waterscape or Fountain, feel free to contact us at or by phone at 781-304-8900, we are located in Needham and service eastern Massachusetts.